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Hi, I'm Nataya. I'm the one behind photoblogChachamisu.

Here I ponder over and blog about what i wore, what i imagine to wear, some other things beneath, along and around, hit and miss, trial and error. For me it's an adventure and therapies.

I don't usually dress up fashionably but i find both blogging and fashion interesting regardless. I wear ill fitting and tacky clothes too. My style is mood based and my posts are random time wise (hallo #latepost).

Trough clicking the tabs up there, you can browse my posts in different categories, in my other blog "Chachamisu" and social medias. "Outfit Retros" stands for my post series about what i wore in good old time.

Here are some of my current favorite items to wear: parka, cargo or trekking trousers with pockets, trousers as comfy as pajama, my good old Kipling backpack, surf clothing label style, and vintage tops made by my mom.

I also believe that depends on size or an associated meaning, almost anything can be made to or worn as accessory (spoon as pendant? book cover as clutch?).

I'm open for feedback, thus feel free to comment or write me e-mail. Do you maybe want to correct my grammar too? I would be thankful. 

As for reference, I am Indonesian born and raised, married and living in Austria, I am 36 years old, 152 cm tall. When I'm gaining weight my bottom half tends to be heavier and wider than my flat top, become more into pear shape body figure but sometimes doesn't look so, I'm actually not sure. It's difficult to find well fitting pair of trousers and torso cut here in Austria (and other nearby Europe country I have been)

Thank you so much. I wish you have a good and super inspiring day.

Liebe GrĂ¼sse,


E-mail: natyponders.info@gmail.com


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